Veggie Sandwich Ideas To Prepare In Less Time

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A vegetable sandwich is a tasty Indian-style dish that is purely vegetarian. It is a sandwich with a filling of vegetables of different types. The pieces of bread used in this sandwich can either be toasted or untoasted. It is a portion of popular street food in India loved by most of the people in the country. Moreover, it is a healthy meal as it does not contain any saturated fats. Though, the size of the sandwich matters for its nutritious value. Some people make sandwiches with the use of certain materials and sauces which are not needed. These things make the sandwiches high in sodium, sugar, and extra calories which are not good for health. In the article below, you would get to know an amazing recipe for veggie sandwiches that is both delicious and healthy. 

Veggie Sandwich Ingredients

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The ingredients needed for a vegetable sandwich are 4 slices of bread (either white or brown). Two or three tablespoons of oil, you may use butter or ghee instead of oil for a better taste. Make a mixture of finely chopped vegetables of your choice such as onion, tomato, capsicum, carrot, spinach leaves, and cabbage. You may also add a half tablespoon of corn too in the mixture of vegetables. Cut the paneer into very small pieces, do not finely chop them, and add them to the vegetable mixture. Now add the spices and mixed herbs to it. The spices include black pepper, red pepper, and salt. Now, add tomato and chili, and sauce to the mixture and mix it well. Grate half a cup of cheese and keep it aside. 

Veggie Sandwich Ideas – Preparation

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Now, sauté the vegetables a little. Take two slices of bread and apply schezwan sauce on one side of both of them. After doing this, apply the mixture of vegetables between the slices of bread and add some grated cheese to it. Spread little butter on both the outer sides of the slices of bread. Put them in the griller machine. Grill it until the cheese melts and the bread becomes golden brown. After it is completely done, cut the bread into two pieces and serve it hot with tomato sauce or mayonnaise. 

Why This Dish?

This is a perfect dish and recipe when you have less time to prepare a portion of delicious food. It is much easy to prepare and a nutritious dish suitable for people of every age. It does not contain anything harmful to the body. It is the best way to make your children eat all types of vegetables which are needed for their body in a tasty way. It is not a deep-fried item that would provide any extra fat, calories, or carbohydrates to the body. This dish also gives instant energy and also goods look to serve to guests. 


This is not only a healthy dish but will also bring all the relevant nutrients to your body in an easy way. This would be perfect if you are planning to serve your kids. All you have to do is add some presentation efforts.

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