Variations Of The Ham Egg And Cheese Sandwich

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The ham egg and cheese sandwich are a staple of simple comfort food for generations. Rich with delicious ingredients, it is also simple to make. Many consider this to be one of the easiest dishes in their arsenal of tried and true favorites. Although many may not consider it to be a “real” sandwich, its place in the culinary world definitely makes it one of the more delicious meals you can find. The secret to its simplicity lies in the combination of ham, cheese and a small amount of mayonnaise.

Ham Egg And Cheese Sandwich Have

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Ham is very much a classic ingredient when it comes to food, although a lot of people have come to associate it with the breakfast meats as opposed to the lunch or dinner options. There are several different types of ham used for cooking and they all provide different nutrients that are beneficial to your body. English and Canadian bacon are among the most common ham products that are used to cook with. In addition to ham, the eggs that we use in recipes are also a common base for other recipes.

For starters, let’s start with the source material. To create the sandwich itself, you will need two hard-boiled eggs, one piece of cheese and one small handful of mayonnaise. Put the first four eggs on a plate and crack them open using a fork. Do not remove the yoke until you are ready to add the cheese. Next, carefully put the mayonnaise onto the top of the cheese and then crack the eggs again using your fork to make holes in the center of each one.

Spread A Thin Layer Of Mayonnaise

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Lay your piece of bread on a plate and spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on the bread. Then, add your second piece of cheese and begin to overlap one egg over the other until the sandwich is complete. Then add your ham and continue the process until you are satisfied with the results. Cut the sandwich into portions and serve with a tomato and lettuce salad.

If you are looking for a delicious variation of the traditional egg and cheese sandwich, consider adding ham and bacon to the mix. A traditional ham and cheese sandwich may contain just ham but there are many who include some bacon in the mix. Who would have guessed that this would turn out to be such a popular item? It is definitely worth a try. Just remember to place the ham and bacon on the sandwich while the cheese is still on the outer shell before slicing.

Fun Twist To An Already Fabulous Sandwich

Another fun twist to an already fabulous sandwich is to use a ham and cheese omelet. This may sound like a rather unusual suggestion but it really is a delightful variation. To prepare an omelet, simply combine one tablespoon of unsalted ham with one egg and two cups of dry cheese in a nonstick frying pan. Overheat the omelet until the egg begins to set. When done, take the cooked egg and fold it into the cheese.

If you enjoy the taste of omelets, you may also want to try an open faced sandwich. To prepare, cook the ham and egg on the bottom of the pan while cracker crumbs are waiting to be used. Place the cheese on top of the crumbs and spread to fill up the sandwich. Then fold up the sandwich into a half moon shape and serve.

Final Words

Finally, a variation of the classic sandwich can be made by substituting ham with an egg and cheese dip. An egg and cheese dip can be prepared by mixing four to five eggs, one cup of cream cheese, two cups of sour cream, three tablespoons of mayonnaise, and one cup of chopped fresh cheddar cheese. Stir these ingredients together until the cheese mixture becomes smooth. Next, fold the dip into half-moon-shaped pieces and spoon the filling into the sandwich. Place in the microwave for approximately ten to fifteen seconds to allow the filling to firm up.

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