Tuna Sandwich Ingredients

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A tuna sandwich also called a tuna sandwich cake or a tuna roll, is usually a simple sandwich made with canned tuna, usually made into a tuna wrap by including mayonnaise and other items like lettuce or other vegetables used to enhance the sandwich’s flavor. The most common version of this sandwich is one that includes mayonnaise. In Japan, this sandwich is often called a “mitsujita” ( Literally, “mit-Fujita” means “dipped in mayonnaise”). In Singapore, a similar sandwich is called a “lee char kway teow (locally called char kway).”

The plaintiffs suing Odesk LLC claim that they purchased tuna sandwiches from Denny’s Foods (owned by General Mills) in December of 2021. They say the tuna was properly disposed of by employees who tossed the food on the ground but did not wash their hands before throwing the tuna onto the ground. Subsequently, they found mercury particles in the tuna. Specifically, they are suing because they are owed compensation for the direct, as well as residual, damages they have suffered as a result of this negligence.

Tuna Sandwich

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Mercury is a heavy metal that is present in all kinds of naturally occurring minerals, including in many kinds of seafood and is used in a great deal of our dental work. For this reason, mercury poisoning has been linked to a great number of illnesses and death over the course of history. In tuna fishing, however, the level of mercury in the tuna is significantly higher than in the ocean because the tuna is exposed to water in that the majority of commercial tuna is caught offshore. (Toward the bottom of this article, there is an explanation of why it is important to avoid eating any seafood where mercury levels are high.) Because the tuna was thrown, there is a good chance that the individual who was throwing the tuna may have also added some kind of herb or seasoning to the tuna in order to make it more appealing to human consumption.


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At the same time, there is no real way of knowing how much tuna may actually have been added to the sandwich. The tuna used to make the tuna sandwich may very well have been mixed with other ingredients, and there is very little evidence of its actual presence. For this reason, when people buy canned tuna, it is not always clear what the tuna contains. When buying tuna sandwiches, it is better to eat just a bit of canned tuna than to eat canned tuna that has mercury added to it.

Another ingredient that has been discovered to be harmful to humans is wheat germ. Wheat germ is not only difficult to remove from whole grains, but it is also difficult to completely digest. The problem of wheat germ is compounded by the fact that wheat is one of the most common allergens present in the environment. Therefore, many people who are allergic to other foods react to the mere presence of wheat in a tuna sandwich. This causes an array of symptoms, which can range from slight stomach cramps to serious skin irritations and breathing difficulties. These symptoms can usually be avoided by simply choosing a bread that is made without wheat.

Other Ingredients

A third interesting ingredient that causes problems for those who are allergic to tuna is mercury. Mercury is used to creating the colored chips that appear on many tuna sandwiches today. However, mercury has been linked to developmental and behavioral problems in children. Since most tuna sandwiches are sold at fast-food restaurants, it is important to avoid eating fish that are chips.

To solve these problems brought about by tuna, manufacturers have developed new varieties of tuna that are healthier and that taste better than the canned variety. Unfortunately, the healthier tuna sandwiches still do not beat out the tuna melt that is still served at most restaurants across America. Another problem caused by tuna is its high sulphur content, which makes it extremely harmful for people with respiratory issues like asthma. To avoid this, choose tuna that is lower in sulphur content. Fresh tuna that is uncooked also has high sulphur levels, but this variation is minimal.

Bottom Line

There is another interesting ingredient that is sometimes included in tuna sandwiches, and this is lettuce. Unlike other variations of the tuna sandwich, lettuce is one of the common ingredients, which is used in almost every recipe. However, lettuce can also cause problems for those who suffer from allergies to lettuce. Because it can trigger the same symptoms as the tuna itself, it is wise to look for recipes that exclude or minimize the use of lettuce.

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