Tips For A Unique Steak Sandwich

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A steak sandwich is simply a fancy name for a grilled or broiled sandwich made with thinly sliced, pre-toasted steak, world-famous foods. From burgers to ribs to chops, steaks are found almost everywhere.

simple but elegant steak sandwich 

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A simple but elegant steak sandwich could include lettuce and tomato on the outer side of the bread. Then you put a piece of steak on top of the tomatoes and then eat it. Alternately, you could start with the mushrooms and put a small amount of melted cheese on top of the mushrooms. This would be followed by the onion, followed by another piece of steak.

sandwich with tenderloin

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A less formal version of this same preparation is made using tenderloin, a boneless white fillet of fish. To prepare a steak sandwich with tenderloin, you first slice the fish into thin slices. Place one piece of each slice on the bread. Then add a bit of mayonnaise to one side of each piece, followed by another slice of the tenderloin to seal the sandwich.

Sandwich with crockpot 

Making a steak sandwich can also be done with a crockpot one-half of the sandwich bread. Spread a half cup of fig jam over the cream cheese. Then place half of a cup of mayonnaise on top of the fig jam, followed by another half of a cup of tomato paste. Spread half of a cup of sliced portabellas on top of the tomato paste, followed by another half of a cup of sour cream. You can also sprinkle some cheese over the whole thing to enhance the taste.

If you have been to, however, that can make it rather uninteresting. A good rule of thumb is to have just a couple of things on the sandwich. Anything else will tend to make it rather messy.

A popular method growing in popularity is to add something like radicchio or asparagus to the main meat of the steak sandwich. These vegetables add a lot of flavor to the meat without overpowering it like many types of meat normally do. Another popular technique growing in popularity is adding something like spicy mustard to the top of the steak. This technique takes the strong flavors of the steak and coats them with a spicy mustard flavor to work well with the other ingredients.

Trending sandwich using caramelized onions

A popular trend in recent years has been using caramelized onions in place of mushrooms on a steak sandwich. These onions add a unique flavor to the steak that is difficult to reproduce with any other ingredient. You can add just a touch of the caramelized onions to the main meat of the sandwich, or you can add the onions to almost half of the main piece of meat. Either way, this technique takes the strong flavors of the steak and coats them with an equally strong flavor of the caramelized onions. One of the nicest things about caramelized onions is that you can serve these sliced onions with almost any other type of relish, and it still works beautifully.

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