Things To Keep In Mind With Gastroparesis Liquid Diet

gastroparesis liquid diet

If you are in a mood to switch to a gastroparesis liquid diet and don’t have proper knowledge about it, then you have landed at the right place. Here, you will learn in detail what you must eat and avoid in the gastroparesis diet. However, there are many reasons why people tend to switch to this diet. The common reasons include your stomach doesnt get empty on time, or you feel like you have eaten a lot, but, in reality, you did not. Lets dive into the article to know in-depth knowledge about the gastroparesis liquid diet.

How To Eat And What To Eat?

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If you are looking for a standard gastroparesis diet, there isn’t any available. However, the consequences of how you will be can be made better by how and what you eat. Here are the following tips that can help you ease your gastroparesis liquid diet.

Eating Small Meals

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When you suffer from gastroparesis, the foremost symptom you suffer from is that your stomach takes way too long to empty, causing pain. So it is suggested that instead of having a heavy meal at once, one should consume more than normal meals at different time intervals. The idea is to space out the meals and consume 5 to 6 times a day, with each meal of about one and a half cups of food. In this manner, you put less in your stomach, which reduces the swelling and helps in emptying the stomach faster.

Eating Healthy Food First

Since the suggestion is to cut down your meal into many small meals for your entire day, you should give due consideration to what you eat in your first meal. The reason is that your stomach is empty at this time, so it is not fit to consume empty calories like snacks, sugar, and desserts. Therefore, you should keep healthy food for your first meal.

Blend Your Meals

As the name says it all, it goes without saying that the whole concept of this diet is to consume more liquid than solids as it helps in the process of stomach emptying.

Liquids leave your stomach quickly; thus, you should blend your meals before consuming them. You can toss your food with milk, juice, water, or broth.

Also, there is good news for the liquids diet that you are allowed to consume high-fat drinks if you need more calories as your stomach can handle the liquids easily.

However, unless otherwise, your doctor has suggested, you shouldnt directly hop to an all-liquid diet and should rather keep solids for the first meal.

Eat Less Fiber And Fat

Gastroparesis has already disrupted the entire process of stomach emptying, and if you consume more fiber and fat on the top, it can make the situation even worse.

The reason is high consumption of fiber and fat is difficult to digest in gastroparesis.

The ideal dose for fiber and fat is 2 to 3 grams and 40 grams or less, respectively.


Hopefully, you find the article informative and valuable. In a gastroparesis diet, there are certain things to keep in mind, such as blending your meal before consuming, eating less amount of fat and fiber, prefer taking small meals in short intervals, and more. Therefore, to make your diet successful, it is essential to keep track of all the points mentioned above.

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