Options For Clear Liquid Diet Plans

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There are many different types of liquid diets out there, each one designed for particular health problems. For example, a liquid diet for acid reflux, heartburn and acid indigestion can be very different than a liquid diet for a constipation problem. All of these options should be carefully studied before you make any solid decisions.

Natural organic clear liquid diet options may also be perfect for colonoscopy and other major surgical procedures. It began with frequent reflux as an infant. Unfortunately, he isn’t happy about it now and has scheduled for a colonoscopy and endoscopy soon. We expect that it will be successful, as it is in the first family.

Some Doctors Don’t Like This

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There are many people who have heartburn, acid indigestion and other digestive problems, but not so much heartburn and acid indigestion problems. Their first option is simply a liquid diet. Some doctors don’t like this because they think of it as fad diets. However, if this diet is done for a few days or a week, they notice a big change. The body does absorb more nutrients because there is more food in the stomach. Also, if a constipation diet is followed, this will help too.

When you make apple juice, it is clear, or semi-clear, fluid. It is full of all of the nutrients that your body needs, and it has no calories. That’s why it is so good for people on a weight loss or nutrition plan.

Crackers, Soy Milk, Low Fat Yogurt, Banana

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You can drink one 8-ounce glass with eight to ten grams of the recommended amount of protein and three to four grams of fat each day. You can drink two ounces with eight grams of protein and eight to ten grams of fat each day. Or you can mix it up by mixing in different types of light breakfast drinks like praline crackers, soy milk, low fat yogurt, banana and so on.

There are plenty of fruits that you can eat as snacks during your diet. So if you do not drink an entire glass of fruit juice, but would like to have a snack, you can do that also. Just add different kinds of fruit to your diet during meals or snack time, and these are considered clear liquids. Some foods that are considered clear liquids include: prunes, celery sticks, raisins, mangoes, bananas, dates, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and so on. The only foods that are not clear are whey and casein, which are protein sources in your nutritional plan.

Fruit Juices Or Water

You can drink fruit juices or water without adding any solid foods as long as they are clear. However, some people find that it is much easier to add some sort of sweetener to their drinks. If you want to do that, look for sugar-free versions of your favorite drinks or food items, which can be found all over the place, including health food stores and drugstores. 

One brand that is really popular and is known for being really easy to find and use is Nutracea, which comes in both powder and pill form. When you are looking for healthy options to fill up on protein drinks, you may also want to consider trying the protein drinks that are created from soybeans. 

Final Words

They are becoming quite popular because they are made without the chemicals and artificial flavorings that most other protein drinks have. In addition, many people believe that soy drinks are more filling because they are filled up with the nutrients and vitamins that you get from the beans. These are some very good clear liquids for your diet.

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