List Of Some Best Liquid Diet Recipes

liquid diet recipes

Are you not consuming enough water? If yes, you need to try something liquid that can fulfill the quantity of water in your body and are good in taste too. Though, is it not reasonable to try juices instead of water? Juices consume some amount of water that is essential for the body, and its tastes are good too. Well, instead of focused on the water, you may enhance your juice intake. Instead, it is essential to drink the right juice, which helps you in weight loss, cleansing, and detoxing.

Moreover, if you are on a soft or a liquid diet, various options can keep you full, healthy, and fed. The key is to mix up various such liquid diets and eat multiple meals in a day. You can easily use it throughout a couple of days by making a batch of time. We have brought some of the best liquid diet recipes for you, good in taste and healthy.

Fruit Smoothie With Yogurt

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The fruit smoothie with yogurt recipe is prepared with just three ingredients, including fruit juice, yogurt, and a frozen fruit you like the most. You can also mix up the combinations from day today for a healthy meal or snack and never get bored with it.

Creamy Greek Yogurt And Pineapple Smoothie- The Best Liquid Diet Recipes

To make this creamy greek smoothie, use bananas, spinach, and pineapple with yogurt. You can add some chia seeds with healthy fats, fiber, and a large amount of protein, for an extra nutritional boost. You can make it just by adding almond, milk, and yogurt to a blender, with spinach, pineapple, banana, and chia seeds, and blend until smooth.

Kefir And Tangerine Smoothie

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This simple smoothie is refreshing and calls for just three ingredients, including plain kefir, frozen tropical fruit, and tangerine juice. Kefir is a perfect reciprocate for milk in smoothies, and it also adds creaminess and a boost of probiotics. If you are not able to find tangerine juice, you can swap in orange juice.

Mango Smoothie- The Perfect Morning

Is it not good to start your day with mango? If yes, let this morning be a mango morning. The blend of mango, banana, kale, and orange juice gives some extra-fresh and a tropical flavor to this healthy smoothie. The sweet-sour taste of the mango comes in this simple smoothie that gives the spotlight it deserves as tropical fruit.

Berries Smoothie

You can make this simple smoothie very quickly by putting the berries and sugar in a blender with milk, cover, and process until smooth. One cup of berries contains 119 calories, 24 grams of carbohydrate, and 3 g protein.

Summing Up

Vegetables, including peas, green beans, broccoli, corn, etc., are just as nutritious and flavorful if blended in with the main course. Sometimes adding milk or water to the mixture for its consistency also washes out the flavor. Kids always like to add just a bit more flavor to the blended version of their favorite foods.

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