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Bojangles is an American southern chain of fried chicken restaurants which specializes in hand-breaded, boneless, skinless chicken served with coleslaw and a variety of traditional buttermilk biscuits. The company was established in Charlotte, North Carolina, in1977 by Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas, who also own Bojangles’n Grill. In fact, Fulk’s mother made all the buttermilk recipe while he was still attending school. Fulk began his career as a cook under several well-known chefs including Emeril Lagasse and later, Guy Fieri. He moved on to become executive chef at Mellow Yellow, one of Las Vegas’ top restaurants, before assuming the role of executive chef at The Cheesecake Factory.

Today, there are numerous entrees and breakfasts on the menu for those who prefer chicken dishes over hamburgers, and for people who prefer buttermilk over other sugary biscuits. The Bojangles Chicken Noodle Soup is a delicious dish served with crackers, which may not include macaroni, cheese, onions, bell pepper, etc. For dessert, the company offers many different lemon cakes, pies, cookies and brownie bites. The meals available for children are also very filling, and feature such delightful items as peach cobbler, banana split, cinnamon twists, and macaroni and cheese.

An Overview

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The basic price for ordering chicken biscuits consists of a recipe card along with the choice of selecting from many different meal combinations. Fried chicken is on the menu for those who want a low-fat entree, and the coleslaw and buttermilk make the soup taste better, especially if it’s served with a dessert. Prices vary according to the meal combinations and add-ons that are ordered. The basic entrees and dessert consist of fried chicken, coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, chicken biscuits, a fruit salad, a cinnamon twists cake and a brownie. The chicken biscuits and the buttermilk are the only two basic desserts on the menu.

In addition to the traditional chicken dinner option, Bojangles has introduced new chicken strip options. The chicken strip options are available in five-ounce packages, and have been developed to be milder in taste than the traditional hot dog. A popular option is the “Baker’s Box.” It is a half-pound package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts, which is then wrapped in aluminum foil. The flavor-packed boneless breasts have been pre-soaked in water for one hour before being ready to cook in the microwave.

This chicken strip option is one of the reasons why Bojangles chicken is now sold at its traditional price, which was $4.75. The boneless breasts are offered in four pieces, which means there is less cooking time overall. The average consumer can expect to get about twelve servings from this option, which is also about a third less than the original entrees sold. This is a definite plus for anyone looking to save time while enjoying a bite to eat at home.

Bojangles Facts

A group of sheep standing on top of a chicken

In addition to the new boneless offerings, Bojangles has also introduced four pieces of the famous whole-breast select tenderloin filets. This delicious boneless piece of meat is made from top quality New Zealand lamb that has been vacuum packaged and then shipped in an airtight container. To make these delicious meats, the vacuum process creates air pockets that hold the moisture and allow the moist meat to rise to the top when cooked. For this reason, the cuts of meat are always served up hot and fresh with a smile.

If you enjoy a lighter meal, consider one of the new chicken strip options that have been introduced back in April of 2021. The Bojangles chicken strip is made from a top quality turkey breast that has been cut into small strips. While serving up hot and fresh, this delicious chicken is available as a boneless, skinless chicken breast or a trimmed turkey breast. You can still find the familiar breaded and seasoned roast flavor in both options. Both are served up on a fresh toasted bun with the choice of using your favorite barbecue sauce or sweet potato sauce.

For an even milder alternative to fried chicken, try Bojangles’ famous fried chicken n’ chicken. This tasty chicken breast is created by hand from New Zealand lamb. The strips of lean meat are first vacuum packaged and then coated with a seasoning blend to give it that delicious golden brown color. Then it is cooked in a traditional barbecue style over a gas or charcoal grill until it is ready to serve. With a milder flavoring than its fried counterpart, this dish is the perfect comfort food for those summer and cooler days.

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