How to Get Started With a Long Island Diet

diet long island iced tea

The Diet Long Island is not just a diet, but it is also a self-help program for weight loss that uses ingredients that are fresh and organic. This diet consists of eight-week plans and meal plans. Each night, you are given specific instructions on how to prepare your diet menu plan for the night ahead. These include healthy snacks, healthy meals, and ice creams. The main purpose of each meal or snack is to trick your body into thinking you are full and therefore burning more calories than you are.

There are two primary foods in the diet: breakfast is a delicious smoothie that includes a banana, a scoop of low-calorie vanilla yogurt, and four glasses of low-fat Benji tea with a squeeze of lemon and honey. The healthy fruit in this delicious breakfast is known as the banana. This fruit contains a lot of fiber. You want to make sure you are getting enough of the banana and other fruits and vegetables in your diet to stay full. You can use a blender or processor to make the smoothie.

Diet Long Island Iced Tea

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At the end of the day, the best thing you can do for your diet iced tea diet is to drink a glass of organic iced tea. Organic iced teas contain no artificial sweeteners or colorings and are caffeine-free. They are made from organically grown herbs like lavender, mint, blueberry, and hawthorn. They are very tasty and healthy.

Another thing you can do when you’re on your diet is to use fruit juices. Try using organic juices like organic apple juice and organic orange juice. These juices are packed with vitamins and minerals. You’ll find that some of the fruits that your iced tea with tastes better and are better for you than others. When you’re thirsty, you don’t want to drink orange juice, but rather you want to drink water.

To top off your diet long island outing, indulge in an ice cream treat. You can make your own ice cream at home. To make it easy, buy some frozen yogurt. Then add low-fat sour cream and vanilla ice cream in equal parts and refrigerate until it’s time to enjoy.

Making Process

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An alternative to ice cream is to make yogurt. You can buy yogurt in a block or in patties. You can freeze the patties in individual portions, or you can just break them into little pieces. The patties are much easier to consume while they’re still warm. When you’re ready to eat, just dip a scoop of yogurt into a bowl of milk and enjoy a delicious meal that’s as easy as going to the store and buying an ice cream sandwich.

No matter how you choose to manage your long diet island, remember to keep it to one or two meals a day and to stay away from eating too much. Don’t get caught in the temptation of snacking all day long. Remember the saying, “a day without food is like a tail of pork.” It’s not healthy and certainly won’t help you lose weight. Instead, focus on healthy food choices during your diet and cut back on other foods that contribute to unhealthy fat levels.

Bottom Line

There’s more to dieting than just losing weight, though. Many dieters who have followed a strict regimen have reported increased energy, better sleep, and a reduction in mood swings and other disorders such as anxiety and depression. These benefits come from what’s called the delayed sleep phase effect of dieting. The body goes through the initial changes of dieting slowly over time. This allows the dieter to slow down their metabolism and body’s energy levels. For dieters, this gives them the chance to allow the diet to take effect and to reap the most benefits.

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