Healthy Keto Vegetable Smoothie Recipes To Detox And Cleanse Your Body

keto vegetable smoothie recipes

A ketogenic diet or Keto, in short, is a diet plan where you limit the carbohydrates intake and focus more on high Protein. Besides, the required calorie count is maintained from the fats. The Keto diet is a magnificent option for rapid weight loss, controlling blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, etc. 

Carbohydrates go decreasingly limited in the Keto diet plan. So to maintain the balancing portion, we have got you some amazingly enriched keto vegetable smoothie recipes to try. These smoothies are perfect for including in your plan as a whole meal. Since these smoothies lack high-carb foods like fruits, milk, honey, and yogurt, which helps you stay full post having them in breakfast or mid-meals, it might be a major task for you to get a perfect keto-friendly smoothie.

We are here to help you with a list of some really delicious and filling keto vegetable smoothie recipes rich in low-carb ingredients and equally high in the required nutrients in the keto diet plan, like fats.

Top 3 Keto Vegetable Smoothie Recipes

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 Detox Green Minty Smoothie

This is one of the best keto vegetable smoothie recipes to detox your body and fill it with freshness. The best part is you can blend in whatever greens you find in your refrigerator. Cucumber, Kale, Spinach, Avocado, celery stems, fresh mint leaves, fennel, with a strand of ginger, unsweetened almond milk, almond butter, and some lemon juice. This is loaded with the goodness of nutritious properties of all the ingredients.

This recipe will provide you with 137 calories, 10 gms of Fat, 7.7 gms Carbs, 4.7 gms Fiber, and 5.6 gms Protein.


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Add freshly chopped avocado and all the other ingredients in a blender and blend nicely. Adjust the consistency with almond milk.

 Zucchini Strawberry Chia Smoothie

Zucchini is rich in fiber, Vitamin C, and antioxidants and has higher water content as well. Zucchini, when combined with strawberry and chia seeds, rich in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, make a perfect keto-friendly smoothie.

This recipe will provide you with 219 calories, 12 gms of Fat, 24 gms Carbs, 15 gms Fiber, and 7 gms Protein.


Blend 1 cup chopped Zucchini, ½ cup Strawberries (frozen or fresh), 3 tbsp Chia seeds, and 1 cup water together.

 Cucumber, Lemon And Flax Seeds Smoothie

This is one of the best keto vegetable smoothie recipes that contain Cucumber that is low in carbs and rich in water content, Lemon rich in vitamin C, and Flax seeds rich in Fiber and Protein. You may also add Spinach or kale for added iron content.

This recipe will provide you with 100 calories, 6 gms of Fat, 10 gms Carbs, 5 gms Fiber, and 4 gms Protein.


Blend 1 cup chopped cucumber, 1 cup spinach or kale, 2 tbsp flax seeds, 1 tbsp lemon water, ½ cup ice, and ½ cup water.


The above mentioned are the top and the best healthy keto vegetable smoothie recipes, which are absolute nutritional powerhouse and extravaganza of energy.

Try these yummy and healthy keto vegetable smoothie recipes for the best keto diet journey to get the best results.

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