Healthy 2-minute Carrot Soup Recipe To Try At Home

Carrot Soup Recipe

How unfair is it that I overwhelm the benefits of food to convince my children? Carrots’ eyes are good; we know that. However, did you know that carrots allow you to find a fire truck four blocks away instantly? This is true. This is true.

But real talk — carrots’ isn’t just healthy for you; they’re one of my favorite soup bases. When they cook quickly, they transform into a soft, slightly sweet, rich, and smooth soup which, on a chilly winter night, is a marvelous bowl of warmth.

Moreover, in 30 minutes you can do it.

Okay, is Soup on?!

The Basics of Carrot Soup

A bowl of soup on a table

Strangely, the carrots are the secret to carrot soup. If you can, consider a couple of bundles with the stems already on the smaller carrots. The bulk carrot bags are less sweet to my mind. In the end, however, every carrot, like violet and white carrot, can be used, and I won’t scream.

Furthermore, this soup is a perfect entrance soup for children because it’s readily accessible and something that children regularly get used to.

A Tip for Sweeter Soup

A bowl of soup

Make sure your veggies start with medium heat and not brown. If the onions get brown, the soup may be given some bitter notes, and the sweet carrots may be overwhelmed.

Curry Carrot Soup Variation

But if you want to make this variation jazzier, my preferred addition is currency. I want to limit my carrot soup to ingredients to let carrots shine. Pick a gentle yellow curry powder and start with a small amount (one to two tea cubes) if your kids don’t know about this taste.

Mix the onions with the curry powder and render the recipe as written on the blade. If you want to increase the flavor, you can add more curry powder during the soup simmering.

Serving Options for Carrot Soup

I typically eat this soup with crackers, toasts (recipe below), bread, and butter as a soup and salad condition. You should eat it, as classical tomato soup, with grilled cheese sandwiches.

Storing and Freezing Carrot Soup

Soups froze well, and there is little difference to this carrot variant. Up to six months, the frozen carrot soup will perfectly preserve and refresh itself on the stove over low heat from frozen.

Cheesy Toast Dippers!

It is simple and tasty to throw a handful of crackers next to this supper, but if you have the time, these toasts are the perfect side. Wear a strong baguette and spread olive oil and Parmesan cheese on the slices generously. The bread is toasted as it is baked, and the cheese becomes a crispy lid on top of every piece.

If you do that correctly, the toasts are super crunchy, and they have to be softened with the broth! These are also great for children, so don’t worry about throwing them on a table.

The Report Card

You know the painting is not a hard part because you’ve never decorated a home. This is cleanup. This is cleanup. The same applies when a two-year-old is eating broth.

In my opinion, children prefer broth. They want to dip stuff, sip them, slurp them, pour them out and sprinkle them. So, get prepared for your soup most likely, particularly if you have young people when dinner is over.

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