Diet Moscow Mule – Easy Recipes to Get You Started

diet moscow mule

If you are eating to lose weight, then diet Moscow mule with a kick is for you! The name is quite appropriate – it’s not about the diet so much as about the ingredients you can use to add extra zing to your meal. You will need Keto-friendly vodka, Tito sherry, lemon juice, ginger beer, fresh lime juice, and an optional sprinkling of freshly ground cayenne powder (if you want to have some extra kick). Of course to get the maximum effect, add your mule to a hearty cocktail consisting of Vodka, gin, Triple sec, Madeira liqueur, Luxury Margarita, Straight Bourbon Whiskey, St. Pat’s Grandfather’s whiskey. It is recommended that you serve the cocktail at room temperature.

To accompany your drinks with ice cubes would be a good idea. For example, I would serve a chilled glass of ginger beer with my morning bagel. Since mule is served cold, this is an ideal way of making a cold drink while traveling. This is also a perfect time to show someone you care with mule cookies.

Keto Mint Julep

Diet Moscow

There are many great cocktail recipes to choose from when you are on your diet, and you will find one that suits your liking. One of the most popular cocktails that people enjoy when on a low-carb diet is the cocktail of the gods: The Keto Mint Julep. It is made with just crushed ice and some mild flavored keto mint. The base of this cocktail consists of crushed ice and some low-calorie sweetener like Stevia or sugar-free gum. The flavor you want to achieve is a fresh mint flavor, not the heavy sugary sweetness of other cocktails.

The name “keto mint julep” was inspired by the famous brand of shampoo that is “keto”. Basically, the product’s flavorless artificial sweetener is what causes the soda to becoming very sweet. If you use regular soda, the calories from the carbonation will add up to your calorie count. When using keto mint shampoo the calories are cut by half, since the sugar content is about two times less than regular shampoo. When the cocktail is served, it will be very bubbly.

To make this cocktail all you have to add is a simple syrup to a glass of vodka. The best combination for this drink is using fresh lime juice and vodka. Combine the juice and the vodka in a shot glass and add some ice. This recipe for a Moscow mule should be made a few times until you get the taste that you want.

The best recipe for this exotic drink will be using freshly squeezed lemon juice and a piece of a copper mug. It is important to add a little water to the copper mug so that the ingredients stay cold. Add the lemon juice and ginger ale to the mugs and stir. Drink the mixture in a tall glass with ice.


Diet Moscow

A very popular and easy-to-make cold drink in Ukraine is called sashes. In order to make the sashes, you will need one or two pounds of beef fat, one cup of milk, two or three medium onions, and three or four cloves of garlic. You can season the meat with salt, pepper and oregano then boil it in a couple of cups of chicken broth. Once it is done, remove it from the broth and drain off the fat. Put it into a blender along with the onions, garlic, and salt. Add some ice and shake well and store in a refrigerator until ready to serve.


A popular summer drink in Kiev is called Blaska. This drink consists of one liter of milk, five or six ice cubes, three or four raspberries, a couple of liters of lite juice, and a couple of spoons of cream on the side. Mix all of these ingredients together and refrigerate until cold. Then pour it into a blender along with some lime juice and put it into a mug. Drink this while watching your favorite TV show.


Another popular drink in Kiev is called the Khrushchevka. It is a vodka and cranberry juice cocktail that is made with half cranberry juice and half soda water. This drink will be served in a tall glass with ice cubes. It makes for a good-tasting summer cocktail that most people enjoy.


Try this recipe for a great-tasting cocktail. In order to prepare the Kremlevka, you will need some dried cranberries, two glasses of vodka, and sugar-free gum syrup. The first thing that you want to do is soak one or two tablespoons of cranberries in a cup of vodka for a couple of days. Once the cranberries are rehydrated and plump, combine them and the vodka with your syrup of choice and put it in a blender with some ice. Blend until the ice cubes have broken down and enjoyed this great-tasting summer drink.

Cherry Sangria

Mix together one bottle of red wine, half a liter of cherry juice, one liter of soda, and a couple of tablespoons of sugar in a large pitcher. Let it sit in your refrigerator for an hour in order to get cold and add some fruit like oranges and limes and mint leaves. Pour the mixture into glasses with ice cubes and serve this great-tasting cocktail on a hot summer day!

In this article, we’ve given you some great recipes for refreshing drinks from around the world. If you’re looking to try something new and different on a hot summer day or want to enjoy a taste of home when it’s too far away, these drinks are perfect! Whether they be cocktails with vodka or sangria-style wine mixed with fruit juice and soda water, there is something for everyone in our list of exotic drink recipes. Which one will you add to your repertoire? Let us know what your favorite recipe was by commenting below.

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